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Stephen L. Day, CSP

Stephen L. Day, CSP

OSHA Compliance Consultant

  • Serves as OSHA subject matter expert to industry clients and legal counsel regarding a wide variety of occupational safety and health compliance and hazard abatement matters.
  • Provides guidance on the application and interpretation of OSHA as well as industry consensus standards regarding occupational safety and health issues and whistleblower complaints.
  • Performs safety and health (OSHA) compliance audits, accident investigations and on-site training to assist industry clients and legal counsel regarding their obligations under the OSHA Act of 1970.
  • Provides deposition and trial testimony on a broad array of issues related to safety and health matters, OSHA compliance issues and industry best practices regarding safety and health in workplace as well as public settings.


Professional Experience

OSHA Assistant Area Director (Retired)
Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration
US Department of Labor
04/2012 – 07/2018

  • Led and directed occupational safety and health investigations and enforcement programs in support of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 in assigned areas within Region IV of OSHA.
  • Supervised OSHA investigative and enforcement personnel including safety engineers, safety specialists, industrial hygienists and administrative personnel in the accomplishment of the federal regulatory mission of OSHA.
  • Directed and managed OSHA regulatory enforcement actions regarding complaints, accident and fatality investigations in order to ensure occupational safety and health and compliance with federal OSHA regulations including but not limited to construction, general industry, chemical manufacturing, petroleum refining, healthcare, auto manufacturing, sawmills, logging, steel erection, long shoring and maritime settings.
  • Provided guidance to OSHA enforcement personnel regarding occupational safety and health inspection findings and case files following onsite inspections.
  • Represented OSHA at settlement conferences and in federal court following issuance of OSHA citations. Made recommendations regarding safety and health hazard abatement methods and industry “best practices” in order to promote safety and health in the workplace as well as to promote compliance with the regulatory requirements of the OSHA Act of 1970.
  • Served as occupational safety and health technical advisor to employers, consultants, attorneys and members of the public as well as union and labor organizations regarding occupational safety and health regulatory matters.


OSHA Safety Compliance Officer
Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration
US Department of Labor
02/2003 – 04/2012

  • Performed complex occupational safety and health inspections and accident investigations in a wide variety of workplaces including but not limited to construction, general industry, chemical manufacturing, petroleum refining, healthcare, auto manufacturing, sawmills, logging, steel erection, long shoring and maritime settings.
  • Routinely performed inspections and investigations of occupational accidents, fatalities and catastrophic events to determine causal factors and to detect and document hazardous, imminent danger and non-compliance conditions.
  • Detected and documented workplace hazards to ensure safety and health and regulatory compliance in support of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. Inspection activities included enforcement of federal safety and health regulations included in 29CFR 1910, 29CFR 1926, 29CFR 1915, 29CFR 1917 and 29 CFR 1919, and a wide variety of industry consensus standards.
  • Performed Industrial Hygiene screening and sampling for excessive noise and over-exposure to chemicals, silica, combustible dust as well as other health and safety hazards.
  • Researched and utilized federal safety and health regulatory standards, industry consensus standards, agency directives and the OSHA Field Operations Manual in order to apply them to inspection findings and in the development and documentation Prima Facia OSHA cases for presentation in federal court.
  • Developed detailed written and photographic documentation of inspection and investigative findings in case files and worked with OSHA Regional Office managers and enforcement programs personnel and Department of Labor Solicitors in the development of significant enforcement and fatality cases.
  • Provided safety and occupational health outreach activities including public speaking engagements before civic, business, labor and public groups on safety and health compliance topics, OSHA Alliances, OSHA programs and emphasis areas.
  • Served in the establishment of OSHA Strategic Partnerships for safety and health in commercial construction and automobile manufacturing as well as in the development of the Gulf Coast Maritime Safety Alliance.


Military Service/ Squadron Safety Supervisor
Department of the Air Force
Keesler AFB, Mississippi/ Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
11/1999 – 02/2003

  • Served in the military more than 23 years and retired from the US Air Force Reserve in 2004.
  • Served as a Flight Meteorology Specialist Instructor/ Loadmaster Instructor with the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron “Hurricane Hunters” and as Aerial Gunner with the 711th Special Operations Squadron aboard the AC130 Spectre Gunship.
  • Served in world-wide locations while logging over 2300 flight hours with 64 hurricane penetrations as an Air Force aircrew member.
  • Was responsible for all OSHA and AFOSH safety regulatory compliance by more than 130 Air Force and Civilian personnel. Supervised Squadron Fire Prevention Program as well as plan for building evacuations and emergency response.
  • Routinely performed safety surveys, inspections and accident investigations of maintenance and repair work areas, material handling areas and equipment. Served as munitions loading supervisor during weapons upload and download aboard C130 aircraft and munitions transport vehicles.
  • Responsible for reporting the findings and discrepancies to higher authority and made recommendations to Air Force and civilian management to promote worker safety and achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Developed safety training materials and lesson plans and provided safety training to all squadron members.


Education and Professional Certification

  • Bachelor’s Degree
    Major: Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Investigations and Administration
    Auburn University
    Auburn, Alabama
  • Certified Safety Professional (CSP)
  • Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)


Career Development Training Courses

  • OSHA General Industry Standards Trainer course-2000
  • OSHA OTI-501-OSHA Safety Standards for General Industry-2000
  • OSHA 10-Hr Construction Safety Course-2003
  • OSHA Workplace Violence course-2003
  • OSHA Machine Guarding course-2003
  • OSHA Compliance course-2003
  • OSHA Safety Standards for Safety Officers course-2003
  • OSHA Inspection/ Enforcement Training-2003
  • OSHA 10-hr construction safety course-2003
  • OSHA Blood borne Pathogens Training course-2003
  • OSHA Inspection Techniques and Legal Aspects Training-2004
  • OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) in the Chemical Industry Dow Chemical course-2004
  • OSHA Record-Keeping Training-2005
  • OSHA Trenching and Excavation Training-2005
  • OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) in the Chemical Industry Course 3300-2007
  • OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) in the Chemical Industry Course 3400-2007
  • OSHA Advanced Chemical Process Safety Management-2011
  • OSHA Maritime and Long-Shoring Course 2060-2007
  • OSHA Accident Investigation course-2007
  • OSHA Industrial Hygiene course for Safety Specialists-2008
  • OSHA Demolitions Safety and Health course August 2009
  • OSHA Electrical safety and standards course July 2009
  • OSHA Steel Erection Course-2011
  • Crane and rigging safety training course-2007
  • Advanced Accident Investigations-1997
  • Principles of Occupational Safety and Health-2000
  • Fall Protection in Residential Construction Training-2005
  • Fall Protection Systems Training-2005
  • Trenching and Excavation Competent Person Course-2008
  • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)- 2004
  • HAZWOPER Refresher Training-2006
  • Ground Safety Supervisors Training-1999
  • Marine Investigators Course-1996
  • U.S. Coast Guard Hazardous Materials Spills On-Scene-Commanders Course-1997
  • Incident Command Systems Training IS-195-2004
  • Incident Command Systems Training ICS-200-2005
  • Dynamics of International Terrorism Course-2002
  • Emergency Response to Terrorism Training-2004
  • US Air Force Information Security Program Managers Course-1999
  • US Air Force Personnel Security Program Managers Course-1999
  • Alabama State Police Academy-1984
  • Police/Law Enforcement Search and Seizure training-1988
  • Law Enforcement Criminal and Civil Liability training-1988
  • Mental Preparedness for Armed Encounters-US Customs Training-1995
  • US Air Force Aircraft Security and Anti-Hijacking training-1991
  • US Air Force Aerial Armament Systems Specialist School-1990
  • US Air Force Weapons/Explosives Safety Training-1990


Awards and Recognitions

  • Received recognition and awards from OSHA Region IV and the National Office as a result OSHA investigative work in high profile and significant OSHA enforcement cases.
  • Guest speaker at the 2009 Ed Rearick Construction Safety Conference and Forum and presented detailed fatality investigation training and information on trenching and excavation hazards and the OSHA trenching standards.
  • In 2007, was selected and assigned to OSHA Region IV process safety management (PSM) inspection teams in support of OSHA’s National Emphasis Program for Petroleum Refineries.
  • Selected in 2005 by OSHA management officials to represent OSHA as Champion and Coordinator for the Alabama Automobile Manufacturers’ Cooperative Partnership between OSHA and over twenty automobile manufacturers and suppliers associated with automobile manufacturing.
  • Selected to speak and provide OSHA training at the Alabama Governors Safety Conference, Central Alabama Construction Safety Conference and Gulf Coast Safety Conference.
  • Recipient of the US Army Corps of Engineers- Mobile District Water Safety Award for the year 2000 as a result of the promotion of marine and boating safety through public outreach and education efforts throughout the State of Alabama during the previous 10-year period.
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