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Live Webinar Invitation


Wednesday, July 24th

Presented by Bruce Campbell, PhD, MD


High (specialty drug costs for treating some chronic conditions can be as high as $1 million annually for a single plan member) and rising specialty drug costs have become the most important health plan cost driver for many employer groups. The entry of these drugs into the marketplace has raised important economic, health, and ethical questions for all health plans.

In this Webinar, Dr. Bruce Campbell will review:

  • The clinical effectiveness of commonly used specialty drugs;
  • The cost impact of these drugs, including ROI estimates and future cost projections;
  • The FDA specialty drug approval pipeline;
  • Ethical issues surrounding financing and use of these drugs;​
  • Current options for managing costs and ensuring appropriate use of these drugs.

Register by viewing the Word document below.

2019-7-24 July Webinar Announcement – Specialty Drug Update

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