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Community Involvement

  • 2012 Corporate Day of Service

    For 2012's Corporate Day of Service we elected to plant flowers and clean away yard debris at Brantwood Children's Home. 

  • 2015 Community Service at Habitat for Humanity

    Some of HDB’s personnel enjoyed spending the morning sorting donated items at Habitat for Humanity’s central store and setting them up for display while others spent the morning painting at MANE.

  • 2015 Community Service at MANE

    In remembrance of those who gave their lives for us on 9/11, HDB shut down the office on the morning of 9/11/15 and provided community service at two local Non-Profits. 


  • 2016 Christmas Toy Drive

    HDB chose Common Ground Ministries as our 2016 Christmas charity and donated 6 bikes and over 30 toys to their Christmas Store! 

  • Brantwood Children's Home

    We enjoyed "sprucing" up the grounds at Brantwood Children's Home!

  • Building for Common Ground Ministries

    Helping a wonderful organization like Common Ground Ministries by working on a home for low income residents was a great experience and helped us appreciate what we have


  • Common Ground Ministries

    HDB's 2015 Christmas Charity Drive at Common Ground Ministries

  • HDB & HandsOn River Region

    HDB partnered with HandsOn River Region to provide community services at MANE,a therapeutic horseback riding facility that works with children and adults with emotional, physical or cognitive disabilities, on 9/11/14. 

  • HDB supports "Girls on The Run"

    HDB is a proud sponsor of "Girls on the Run", a non-profit organization that empowers girls & helps build their confidence

  • Montgomery Dragon Boat Festival

    We enjoyed participating in the Dragon Boat Festival as a team!

  • The Hazardous Dragon Boaters!

    The Dragon Boat Festival, which helps to support two wonderful charities, Bridgebuilders of Alabama and Rebuilding Together Central Alabama, was a challenge and we went from last to first in our division.  All participants were winners though for contributing to such incredible charities!

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